If you’re worried about Wisepops’ impact on your website’s speed, we’ve listed everything you need to know below, from what we’re doing to limit our impact to things you can do on your side to go even further.

What are we doing to make sure Wisepops doesn’t slow down your website?

Our engineers have worked hard to make sure Wisepops loads blazingly fast.

Among other things, here’s what you should know:

  • Our script is loaded asynchronously: it’s not loaded until after all the other elements of the page have been loaded. Simply put, this means it doesn’t affect the loading time of your website for your visitors.

  • We have servers all around the world to minimize the distance between your visitors and your servers. This translates into popups that usually take only a few milliseconds to load.

  • We’re using browser and server cache mechanisms to further improve the loading speed.

  • Our code is optimized and compressed to limit the quantity of data downloaded on your visitor’s device, hence further reducing the loading speed of our script.

How to estimate the impact of Wisepops on your loading time

If you think Wisepops is slowing down your website, here’s how you can find out for sure.

Step 1: Open Chrome dev tools (F12)

Step 2: Click on the “Network” tab

Step 3: Filter with "wisepops.com"

Step 4: Load your page

Here you will be able to see the size and the response time of every call performed by Wisepops.

It will give you a good idea of the time and data Wisepops uses.

What can you do to further limit Wisepops’ impact?

The main thing you can do relates to the pictures you’re using in your popups, as they’re usually the heaviest part of a popup.

On mobiles, we recommend you avoid using pictures altogether

On desktops and tablets, you can use services like https://compressjpeg.com/ to compress your pictures and reduce their size.

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