Attributing revenue to campaigns displays

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By default, we only attribute goals/revenue to a campaign if (1) a goal is mapped to that campaign (see helpdoc) AND (2) when that campaign is clicked by a visitor who then completes a goal, like a purchase. We require the visitor to click on the campaign because we want to ensure that the total goals/revenue attributed to Wisepops campaigns are representative of the actual impact that Wisepops has for your business.

However, if you still want to attribute goals/revenue to a campaign based on whether this campaigns was displayed (rather than clicked), you can follow the method described in this article. This can be helpful for example if you want to AB test the impact of showing an informational banner on your website.

  1. In the popup builder, go to the JS callbacks section
  1. Click on "Add new script"
  2. In the Event dropdown, select "Before popup display"
  3. In the code editor, copy paste the following code:
    setTimeout(() => {
    var afterTrackedClickEvent = new CustomEvent('wisepops.after-tracked-click', {
    composed: true,
    bubbles: true,
    cancelable: true,
    detail: event.detail
    }, 500);
  4. You can now save and publish your changes.

That's it. Every time your campaign will display to a visitor, a virtual click will be created - and any later conversion from that visitor within the attribution window will be attributed to that campaign.