Is there an ideal size for popups?

Desktop & tablets: There are no restrictions. The screen resolution is much bigger.

Mobile: We recommend 320 (width) x 160 (height) to make sure it displays on most mobile phones and complies with Google Guidelines regarding interstitials

This is why we highly recommend creating separate campaigns for mobile and desktop/tablets. Learn more >

Can I use my own design in a popup?

You can create your own design outside Wisepops (Canva, Figma, Photoshop, etc.), export the file as an image or gif, and upload it as a background image in the design-builder.

Here's how:

Is there an ideal size for a background image?

There is no ideal size for images, just set up your popup the way you want and then use an image that matches your popup width.

Use the background image menu to change the size and position of your background image to make it fit perfectly in your campaigns.

I uploaded a background image, and I have trouble moving blocks around

Here are the main design-builder options you can work with to adjust the position of your block(s) on a background image:

  • Spacing / Column spacing (Horizontal / Vertical)

  • Blocks alignment

  • Text alignment

​​​A scroll bar appears on my popup. How can I remove it?

If a scrollbar appears, make sure you check the option "Adjust height to content" in your popup Size:

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