Wisepops is 100% compatible with Magento 1.
Follow these steps to set up Wisepops on your Magento store.

Step 1

Visit WisePops’ page on the Magento Marketplace.

Step 2

Add the app to cart and go through the checkout process.

Step 3

Install the extension, by using Magento Connect Manager access key or direct plugin upload.

Using MCM access key

  • Go to your Access Keys page, and copy the access key attached to "WisePops Intelligent Popups"

  • From the admin of your Magento website, go to the Magento Connect Manager tool
  • Paste the key, click on Install, and Proceed. 

Or, using direct upload

If you cannot use Magento Connect Manager, here is the process to manually install the plugin files:

  • Extract the content of the archive inside your Magento application. You will notice that the structure matches the Magento structure with the app and design folder.
  • Copy and paste the content of the archive directly inside your project.  We recommend testing the setup in your development environment before deploying in production.

Step 4: 

Check that you have access to WisePops configuration. To do so, go to your Admin then click System > Configuration. In the general section you should find : WisePops Connect.

If you don’t see it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin > System > Cache Management and flush your cache,
  • Try to log out from the admin, and log in back,
  • Check that you have the Wisepops folder inside your app/code/community/ folder,
  • Check that the file app/etc/modules/Wisepops_Connect.xml is present,
  • Edit the file app/etc/modules/Wisepops_Connect.xml and verify that the value of the node active is true.

Step 5: 

If you don't have a WisePops account yet

Register on WisePops first and follow the instructions below.

If you already have a WisePops account

Click "Already registered..."

Log in to your WisePops account.

Once done, select Yes under "Activate WisePops".

Click "Save config". 

Step 6: 

Check the setup using Chrome or Firefox

Still not seeing your popup? Check this troubleshooting guide.

You're done!

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