In this article, we explain how you can fix the most common synchronization issues.

The login was changed or the API keys were renewed

Did you recently update the login or password you are using to log in to your email service provider? Or renewed the API keys?

If so, on the dashboard, click on the “!” symbol next to the campaign(s) in error and click on “Try to log in again.”

Simply follow the instructions to enter your new login or API keys.

I deleted my account on the service, deleted my API key, or do not want to sync to the service anymore

On the dashboard, click on the “!” symbol next to the campaign(s) in error and click on “Remove [Service] from all campaigns.”

We’ll disconnect all the campaigns associated with this ESP.

The destination list was deleted

Did you recently delete the list you were sending your new leads to in your email service provider?

If so:

  • Open the campaigns that have a sync issue.
  • Click on the email form.
  • Click on the “Sync” tab in the left menu.
  • Select a new destination list.

A new field was made required

Did you make one of the fields required in your email service provider?

If so, you need to add a new field to your email form and merge it with the required field.

For example, if the “first name” is now a required detail for every new contact you’re creating, you should add a first name field to your popup form.

A synced field only accepts specific values, while WisePops tries to sync different values

Here’s a quick example of this kind of problem: you want to sync a “Gender” field on a destination that only accepts "male" and "female" values, but in WisePops, you’re using “Male” and “Female” (with capital letters). In that case, the value cannot be accepted by your email service provider and the leads cannot be synchronized.

We recommend you use a radio field or a drop-down in WisePops that only contains the appropriate values (you are free to use different values for the labels).

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