If your website relies on a lot of 3rd party scripts such as WisePops, using cookies can generate 413 errors.
413 errors happen when the visitors' cookies related to your website are so large that your website can't be loaded.

In this case, we recommend using local storage instead of cookies.

Activating local storage

To activate the local storage, copy and paste the following code between your setup code and the closing </script> tag:

  wisepops('options', {
    browserStorage: true

The end result (WisePops setup code and local storage script) should be close to this:

Important notes

Older browsers (such as Internet Explorer) don't support local storage. For these browsers, we continue to use cookies.

If you're using sub-domains (for example: blog.website.com) we don't recommend using local storage as the data will be stored at the sub-domain level.

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