Step 1:

Open your popup.
Click the email form.

Step 2:

In the left menu, click "Add new field"

Step 3:

In the field type list, select "Hidden field".

Step 4:

In the "Name" field, input "URL".

Save your popup.

Step 5:

Paste the following script between the end of your WisePops tracking code and the closing </script> tag

(function () {
    function fillUrlInHiddenField() {
        var hiddenField = document.querySelector('.wisepops-content input[name="URL"]');
        if (hiddenField) {
            hiddenField.value = window.location.href;

    function handleMouseOverPopup(e) {
        if ( === document.querySelector('#wisepop-XXXXX .wisepops-content')) {

            // Execute only once
            document.removeEventListener('mouseover', handleMouseOverPopup);

    document.addEventListener('mouseover', handleMouseOverPopup);

You should end up with something close to this:

Step 6:

In the URL bar, copy the ID of the popup

In the script you just pasted, replace XXX by the ID of your popup


In my example:


You're done!

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