Important note: to make goal tracking works properly, you'll have to make sure that your WisePops tracking code tag is fired before the goal tag. To do so,you can set the priority of the tracking code tag to 1:

In this tutorial, we'll assume you have a confirmation page associated with your goal.
If you don't, please contact us, we'll suggest a different method.

Step 1:

Log in to your GTM account.

Step 2:

In the left menu, click "Triggers" and then "New".

Step 3:

Configure your trigger:

  • Type: Page View
  • Fire on: Some Page Views
  • Page URL: input your confirmation page
  • Choose an explicit name for your trigger

Step 4:

In the left menu, select "Tags" and click "New"

Step 5:

In tag configuration, select "Custom HTML"

Step 6:

In the HTML field, paste the following script and customize it:

<script>wisepops("goal", [goalName], [goalValue]);</script>

This is what it looks like in our case (note that I don't want to assign a value for goals completions):

Step 7:

In triggering, select the trigger you just created.

Step 8:

Save and name your new tag.

Step 9

Preview the changes to make sure the tag is triggered on your confirmation page.
When you're done, hit "PUBLISH".

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