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Installing Wisp on your website

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Embedding the Wisp Feed

Embedding the Wisp Feed. Once Wisp is installed, it automatically appears as the floating feed. You likely installed Wisp with the intention of having the feed embedded in your header. This document…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 weeks ago by Lisa Fockens

Advanced Feed Customization

At this time, the Advance Feed Customization feature is enabled on a per-merchant basis. If you'd like this feature so that you can pursue deeper customization, simply reach out to our team and we'll…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 weeks ago by Lisa Fockens

Set up Goal Tracking for Wisp

Set up Goal Tracking. What is goal tracking?. Goal tracking allows you to measure the contribution of Wisp to your store’s revenue. You’ll be able to measure the widget’s impact on your conversion ra…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 1 week ago by Lisa Fockens

Campaign Strategy

Using Wisp effectively comes down to understanding your customer journey and introducing the right content to help advance your visitors through your funnel. This means thinking about what informatio…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 months ago by Lisa Fockens

Configure Custom Properties for Wisp

What are custom properties? Custom properties help you refine your targeting by sharing additional details about your visitors with Wisp. How to set up custom properties on your store. Take the scrip…

Clement Aigreault
Updated 1 week ago by Clement Aigreault