The Campaigns Page

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The Campaigns Page

The Campaigns Page is where you access and manage your campaigns. You can access this through the main menu to the left of the page. As you can see, any campaign you've created will appear here, along with some helpful information and actions to make management easy.

You can click on any campaign to be taken to the editor, but let's take a look at the important pieces available to you on this interface.

Campaign Filter

Across the top, we're providing a filter to help you sort through the status of your campaigns. This is helpful to simplify your view. You can choose between:

  • All
  • Published
  • Scheduled
  • Drafts
  • Archived.


Drawing on the same 5 statuses used to filter, we provide a label for each campaign to make it easy to assess the state of any given campaign.

You can also see if a campaign is pinned to the top of the feed, and how long any published campaign has been active.


Here you can see the performance of each campaign based on Seen, Clicked, and CTA completed. When you hover over a campaign, the stats convert to percentages to give you another way to look at your engagement funnel.

Quick Action

These buttons allow you to edit draft campaigns, unpublish live campaigns, cancel a scheduled campaign and restore campaigns that you've archived.

Draft campaigns are assumed to need a quick look over, so instead of going straight to publish, you're taken to the campaign editor.

The dropdown menu gives you additional actions you can take, depending on the status of the campaign.

For published campaigns, you can preview and edit, pin or unpin from the top of the feed. For campaigns that are or have been published, you can export data to CSV, and for all campaigns, you can rename, duplicate as a draft, archive, or delete.

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