Installing Wisp Manually

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Installing Wisp Manually

Installing Wisp is easy. All you have to do is copy and paste a single script in the right place.

In your Wisp admin, go to Settings, and then Setup. Once you're there, look for the code snippet under Other User. Copy the entire snippet.

Once you have copied the script, place it directly before the </body> tag of your website code. Save your edits.

It's time to verify that the setup was successful. In the Wisp admin, head to Settings, and then open the Widget section. For now, make sure you’ve selected Floating Button. This will allow us to test Wisp and prove that it’s working correctly.

Once that's done, load up your site or hit refresh. You should see the floating button on your page. It should look something like this:

If it's there, you’re now ready to customize your feed and start sending campaigns.

To add Wisp to your header so that the bell is embedded, you'll need to follow the instructions for a custom implementation. Check out the document 'Embedding the Wisp feed' for more help.

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