Wisepops events in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

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This page is about the legacy Universal Analytics, that will sunset on July 1, 2023.
If you're using GA4, please read our events' documentation for Google Analytics 4.

Once you've set up the Google Analytics integration, you'll see Wisepops events in the "Top Events" section (Behaviour > Events > Top Events).

Wisepops events are associated with three dimensions:

  • Event category: it's always equal to "WisePops" and can be used to filter out other events.
  • Event action: can be "Display", "Signup" or "Click".
  • Event label: it's the name of the popup associated with the event.

These events are associated with 2 metrics:

  • Events: the total number of times the event was triggered
  • Unique events: the number of sessions during which the event was triggered.

Eg. if a user displayed two popups during the same session, the number of Display events will be 2, while the number of unique events will be one.

What can you do with these events:

Once you have the events and their associated dimensions, you can combine them with other dimensions (pages, traffic sources, device, etc.) to understand your popups performance and optimize it.

Here are a few examples of reports you can build:

  • Page performance: analyze the click-through rate or sign-up rate (Clicks/Displays) by page to identify the pages where the CTR is the highest. It might be worth creating a specific campaign on these pages or focusing your campaign on these pages only.
  • Channel performance: break down the click-through rate or sign-up rate by traffic source. Then investigate to see if some channels perform better than some others. It might be worth designing a dedicated campaign for the best-performing channels.
  • Conversion performance: associate Wisepops events with conversions goals and check within a few seconds what are the most profitable popup campaigns in terms of revenue.

Learn more about Event Flow Reports.

Use Google Analytics to break down your popups performance by traffic channel

Wisepops events in Google Analytics (GA4)