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Adding Multiple Sites

If you have more than one website that you'd like to see Wisp on, we're happy to help. There are a few scenarios where this might be the case, and depending on which one you fall into, it will affect your Wisp plan differently.

Let's go over how we use a few important terms first.

Wisp Account: The Wisp account is where you manage Wisp. A Wisp account may have many websites, but serve only one business.

User Account: This is your identity on Wisp. As a user, you might be associated with multiple Wisp accounts.

Website: this is the distinct property where Wisp appears.

Ultimately, Wisp is one account per business. Here's how it breaks down.

The Multi-Site Account

Some businesses require multiple websites for the same business. For instance, offering international sites as part of a localization strategy. We expect that these businesses would use the same domain name (the 'yoursite' in 'yoursite.com'), but a different Top Level Domain (eg: .com or .ca)

In this case, a business would have a single Wisp Account and add multiple websites to it. There is no additional cost for these sites, however, they cumulatively count toward your feed open limits.

Websites can be added to your Wisp account by reaching out to us through our help channels.

The Multi-Store Business

In today's world of e-commerce, some people are power entrepreneurs and run many businesses. These businesses are distinct from each other, with their own brands, products, sales, orders, markets, etc. This is usually indicated by each website having totally different domains and no continuity across websites.

For these businesses, each is expected to hold and pay for a separate Wisp account. Each can have multiple websites if they are Multi-Site Accounts, but each distinct business must be its own, paid account.

If this describes you, feel free to reach out through one of our help channels as you may qualify for discounts.

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