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My emails are not collected in Mailchimp

If you don't see emails in your Mailchimp list, there is a high probability that it's due to one of those 3 reasons (otherwise send us an email):

1. There is a 5 minutes timelapse for emails to be sync with Mailchimp. If you have just made your first test, just check again in a few minutes and it should be there.

2. If you have waited and still get no emails, then please check if your list has a required field in it (such as FNAME). In that case, please make sure your have a WisePops field match with this required field; or change the setiings of your list so that it has no required field.

3. Mailchimp will automatically filter out emails that are already in your Mailchimp list. So make sure to test your pop-up with an email that's not already in your list otherwise it will not be synchronized.