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My pop-up does not show-up

If your pop-up is not displaying, there is 90% chances that the answer is below:

1. Does it really not display? Clean your cookies or open a private session with your browser to make sure your pop-up is not displaying.

2. Have you embedded the WisePops tracking code? If not, go on your dashboard, and in the header click on "TRACKING CODE". If you did, go on your homepage and use your browser to display the source code, then CTLR+F to search "wisepops"). If you can't find anything, the code is not there.

3. Is your pop-up activated? You can activate your pop-up on your Dashboard, bu turning the Status button to green.

4. Is your Display Scenario preventing the display?

Check the following points:especially

  • Display URL: If you have set it to display on targeted URLs only, make sure the URL is right (targeting will not display on or on
  • Targeted visitors: make sure you did not select both target new visitors and returning visitors, as this would target visitors that are both new AND returning.
  • Delays & frequency: If you select display after 50 seconds and after 3 pages the pop-up will only display on the 4th page, after 50 seconds on this same page. Make sure to select a reasonnable time, we recommend 5-15 seconds on the first, second or third page.