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Do you have plans for Agencies?

Yes we do, just send us an email and we will get back to you to set this up. 

1) If you are looking for a referral program, we will provide you with a tracking URL to start (we are currently implementing a referral program on WisePops). 

2) If you want to manage multiple websites, you will still need to set up one account per website. Then you can take one subscription for all your accounts, instead of having to pay each one separately. We calculate the subscription price based on the number of websites you have and on the number of pageviews per month you need. We add 20$ to add 2 websites to the plan you need. So for example, if you need 3 websites with a total of 500K pageviews per month, you will just have to pay $99/mo instead of 3x$79/mo.