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Can I set Multiple Active Pop-ups simultaneously?

Yes you can use multiple active pop-ups on your website, and we recommend you to do so since running multiple campaigns will help you automate and scale your website conversions.

WisePops helps you set up: 

- Different pop-ups for different visitors (new, returning, mobiles, etc.)

- Different pop-ups for different pages (products, checkout, etc.)

- Different pop-ups for different events (landing, exit, scroll, etc.)

- and of course different pop-ups for multiple goals (getting new subscribers, driving targeted promotions, collecting feedbacks to improve, etc.). 

You can then ask new visitors to sign up to your newsletter when they land on your website, invite to leave a feedback or ask a question on top exit pages, drive promotions to returning visitors, target mobile visitors with a specific message or coupon, etc. Once those campaigns are implemented, we recommend you to A/B test some variations to optimize your results. 

The only limitation is that you can load no more than 1 pop-up per page. 

Contact us if you have any specific question on how to use multiple campaigns on your website.